Using The Official Raspberry Pi LCD Display

The MyPi Controller card can drive the official Raspberry Pi LCD display, to do this you need to fit the solder side LCD connector using Molex part: 

1mm Pitch SMT 15 Way Right Angle Female FPC Connector Molex 52271-1579

This fits to J22 underneath the Camera connector

The display should be powered from a +5V and 0V lines either from the HAT connector (J8) or from J4, connect these to the +5V and 0V lines on the display board. Do not power the LCD board from the front panel side USB connector as this interface isn't enabled early enough in the boot cycle. 

The display connects up as standard using the same type of FFC cable as usual, you may find a longer length of cable is helpful to locate the display and board apart from each other.

The only extra software configuration needed is to add the below section to the device tree file:

MyPi Industrial Raspberry Pi Compute Module LCD Display Device Tree Configuration

         pin_define@DISPLAY_SDA {
                 type = "internal";
                 number = <28>;
         pin_define@DISPLAY_SCL {
                 type = "internal";
                 number = <29>;
         pin_define@DISPLAY_I2C_PORT {

With that in place recompile the device tree file with :

dtc -I dts -O dtb -o dt-blob.bin piboard.dts && cp dt-blob.bin /boot

Be sure to edit the correct device tree source file for the compute module you are using, check for pins_cm3 (CM3) or pins_cm (CM1) at the top

On next reboot the display will take over from the HDMI ouput and display the standard rainbow output at boot any system messages.

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