MyPi Industrial IoT Integrator Board NT

Looking for a Raspberry Pi board designed specifically for Industrial IoT applications?

Our next generation integrator board is compatible with both the current Pi 3+ CPU module and the latest Pi 4S CPU module from Raspberry Pi providing maximum flexibility for Industrial IoT projects.

Integrated mini card slot for use with a 4G LTE cellular modems, WiFi, LoRa or Zigbee adapters allowing easy RF expansion capability.

The key feature of our design being the unique modular IO interface allowing a range of off the shelf IO cards for common industrial protocols such as CAN, Modbus RS485 or Analogue 4-20mA inputs. Our custom IO card design services make solving IoT connectivity changes easy.

Leverage Raspberry Pi's wide software support and simple integration to cloud IoT services including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

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Industrial Raspberry Pi IoT Compute Module 4S Carrier Board

Powerful, flexible, feature rich Raspberry Pi for Industrial IoT applications

  •   Supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3/3+/4S variants
  •   10/100 Ethernet interface
  •   2x USB 2.0 master interfaces (external access)
  •   Mini PCI-e Interface + SIM connector For use with 4G LTE cellular modems
  •   USB interfaced µSD Card interface, providing additional storage separate from the Compute Module eMMC flash
  •   Dual high-resolution Raspberry Pi camera interfaces
  •   Integrated RS232 Port
  •   Integrated battery backed real-time-clock (RTC)
  •   Pre-programmed board serial number ID EEPROM
  •   Modular IO Cards for IoT application specific IO solutions
  •   Additional 1.6 Second hardware watchdog
  •   HDMI display output
  •   2x Bi-colour (red/green) front panel status LEDs
  •   1x Opto-Isolated Digital Input
  •   8Way 2-part 3.5mm Screw terminal connector for use with modular IO card outputs
  •   Wide 9-28V DC power input range
  •   Wide -20 to +80oC temperature operating range
  •   Core PCB Size : 125 x 142mm

Raspberry Pi for Industrial IoT

The MyPi Integrator board provides a flexible Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+/4S based carrier board with feature rich design elements targeted specifically at industrial IoT system integrators, built with maximum IO flexibility in mind giving the capability to easily tackle diverse industrial IoT project requirements.

The modular RF Card slot allows mix and match between 4G LTE cellular modem, Zigbee, LoRa, Bluetooth or enOcean mini RF cards allowing for quick expansion.

Flexible modular industrial IO slot for easy connection to common industrial sensors and control equipment through the use of either custom or ready made IO cards.

MicroSD Card slot for secondary data storage, ideal for applications that require additional local data-logging storage space.

The updated design carefully optimises chip set selection for maximum feature functionality, unit price, lifespan and supply chain resilience.

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Raspberry Pi Industrial IoT Compute Module 4S Carrier Board

Easy Modular Application IO

Adding project specific industrial IO couldn't be easier, use one of our off-the-shelf IO cards or work with us to create a custom IO card to match your Industrial IoT projects exact requirements.

Rather than using the standard plug in HAT card approach with IO signal connectors poking out on all sides, creating a packaging nightmare, our carrier board design allows IO cards to cleanly route all IO signals to a dedicated front facing screw terminal connector.

Because the functionality of the on-board IO connector is uncommitted, with a change of IO card we also change the functionality of this edge connector resulting in a very flexible solution for diverse Industrial IoT project challenges.

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Raspberry Pi Industrial IoT Compute Module 4S modular IO Cards

Ready Made Enclosures

The MyPi Industrial IoT Integrator Board NT has been designed to fit within several off-the-shelf enclosure types, from cost effective Hammond extruded aluminium types to IP66 Rated weatherproof designs by RF Elements.

We have also designed a custom DIN rail mountable enclosure with sleek looks, providing easy assembly and fast time to market.

Contact us today for any custom requirements or reference CAD drawings.

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Raspberry Pi Industrial IoT Compute Module Carrier Board Enclosures

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MyPi IoT Carrier Board Compute Module 3+/4S Compatible?

Yes, the MyPi IoT Integrator Board NT is fully compatible with both the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ or Compute Module 4S version.

I need a custom mix of IO - Can you help with this?

Yes, we can combine multiple IO cards or create a custom IO card based around your specification, or migrate an existing IO card, click here to submit your request to our technical sales team.

Where is the OS stored on the Compute Module?

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module has an integrated 8,16 or 32 Gbyte eMMC flash chip for storing the OS, the on board USB interfaced micro SD card is provided for addition datalogging storage.

What is the operational temperature range?

The board is rated for -20oC to 80oC environments, for temperatures over 70oC active cooling may be needed if high clock speed is required.

Is there any lifespan guarantee for the Compute Module?

Raspberry Pi guarantee availability until at least January 2030 for the Compute Module 3+, and January 2034 for the Compute Module 4S

Where can I find pricing for the MyPi IoT Integrator Board?

Please use the quote request form here to build an RFQ for the parts you need.

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