MyPi Industrial IoT Edge Gateway

Specifically designed to provide industrial customers with a rugged, fully packaged Industrial IoT Edge Gateway device for direct or re-sale usage.

Like the MyPi IoT Integrator platform the Edge Gateway unit utilises the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, allowing users to leverage the most widely supported and easiest to use development platform available. This enables swift migration of any existing development work done using a standard Raspberry Pi.

Built in ruggedized RS485 & CAN-BUS interfaces give direct support for common industrial communication protocols. The Edge Gateway can also be fitted with a range of modular RF cards for communicating with LoRa, Bluetooth & Zigbee wireless networks.

Where deployments require cellular data links the Edge Gateway unit can also be configured with 4G Cellular modems, including GPS functionality for easy asset tracking.

Support for IoT Cloud environments including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services ensuring the MyPi Industrial IoT Edge Gateway is ideal for deployment in diverse industrial IoT applications.

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Powerful, compact, feature rich Raspberry Pi based Industrial IoT Edge Gateway

  •   Supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module 1/3/3+/4S providing a low power or high performance system
  •   10/100 Ethernet
  •   Isolated Industrial CAN Interface with on-board termination resistor
  •   Isolated 2-Wire Industrial RS485 Interface with transparent hardware flow control and integrated biasing/termination resistors
  •   2 x mPCIe Interface supporting:
    •   4G Cellular Modem (1 x on-board SIM slot)
    •   USB WiFi 2.4/5GHz cards
    •   Bluetooth / LoRa / Zigbee / XBEE / enOcean RF IO modules
  •   μSD Card secondary storage in addition to eMMC flash on Raspberry Pi Compute Module
  •   Integrated Infineon SLB9670 TPM 2.0 with full OS support
  •   Integrated 1.6s hardware watchdog device (In addition to Raspberry Pi SoC Watchdog)
  •   256Byte EEPROM Factory programmed with 2 unique ID numbers for easier field deployment
  •   Optional IO module with accelerometer & secondary RTC providing ‘wake on motion’ and ‘sleep/wake timer’ functionality.
  •   Switched power input with ‘Power Good’ input line allowing for controlled power up and safe shutdown operation
  •   Wide 9-28V DC power input range, withstanding transient dips to 6V (e.g,. Engine Crank)
  •   FCC/CE Class A approval
  •   Wide fan-less operational ambient temperature range -25 to +60oC
  •   Small, Rugged aluminium enclosure 11 x 13 x 3cm with flexible DIN rail & wall mounting kit included

Industrial IoT Ready

The MyPi Industrial IoT Edge Gateway uses our smallest Raspberry Pi Compute Module main board design, measuring just 11 x 10cm, with the Compute Module fitting to the underside for high thermal performance.

Dual modular RF Card slots allowing mix and match between 4G Cellular modem, Zigbee, LoRa, Bluetooth, 2Ghz/5Ghz WiFi allow quick expansion.

Integrated Ethernet, RS485 and CAN-BUS interfaces for easy connection to common industrial sensors and control equipment.

On-board power control features enable usage in battery driven vehicle environments

MicroSD Card slot for secondary data storage, ideal for applications that require additional local datalogging storage space.

Onboard TPM 2.0 security device with full Linux OS software support allowing for secure application stack and over the air updates.

Industrial IoT Edge Gateway features

Modular RF IO Cards

The IO capability of the MyPi Industrial IoT Edge Gateway unit can be expanded easily by using one of our pre-certified mPCIe RF IO Cards.

Industry standard protocols like Zigbee, LoRa & Bluetooth are easily added to the IoT Edge Gateway by fitting the appropriate card and connecting to an antenna output.

Click here to see the full range of mPCIe cards available.

Industrial IoT Edge Gateway 4G Modem Zigbee LoRa Bluetooth IO Cards

Branding Services

The MyPi Industrial IoT Edge Gateway unit can be optionally laser printed with your company's logo giving a crisp and weatherproof finish.

With low start volumes this provides the perfect way to provide end-to-end branding of your cloud IoT service.

Industrial IoT Edge Gateway OEM Product Banding service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Raspberry Pi Compute Module Included?

Yes, the MyPi IoT Edge Gateway unit comes fitted with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3/3+/4S, preloaded with a fully configured Raspbian image ready for use.

Is the IoT Edge Gateway suitable for automotive use?

Yes, the IoT Edge Gateway has built in features to support running on main battery feed without draining it flat making it ideal for automotive applications.

Is there any lifespan guarantee for the Compute Module?

Raspberry Pi guarantee availability until at least January 2030 for the Compute Module 3/3+, and January 2034 for the Compute Module 4S

Is there any documentation for MyPi IoT Edge Gateway?

We provide sample code and documentation to help you configure the MyPi IoT Edge Gateway, IO cards, Modems etc.

What IO Cards are available for the MyPi IoT Edge Gateway?

Click here to see the full range of mPCIe cards available.

Where can I find pricing for the MyPi IoT Edge Gateway?

Please use the quote request form to build an RFQ for the parts you need.

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