Modem Status Linux Command Utility

When using a modem it is especially important to keep track of the current network state before each connection

We have created a bash script called modemstat which reports back information regarding the modem's status

You can download this from the github link below :

When run this reports back useful information, see screenshot below :


Here you can see the below key details :

  • - The SIM is unlocked and ready for use (sometimes SIMs are PIN Locked)
  • - The signal quality of 15 out of 32 is fair , we have found 22 to be high and 8 to be low (usually below this is problematic and will result in dropped connections)
  • - The modem has registered correctly to a local home network (and not roaming)
  • - The modem has sufficient signal/availability to running in LTE mode (not GPRS/EDGE/3G mode)

Finally the script prints out the modem firmware and device details, which correctly match the modem type.

The script can also be run in parseable output mode :


Using the below line can allow integration inside other scripts

source <(./modemstat -q)

Here is an example of this in use :




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