Working with NimbeLink SkyWire Modem


NimbeLink offers modems for the US region that are "end device" certified for use with AT&T and Verizon direct supplied IoT SIMs

To connect the unit up you will need a carrier card, see below call outs showing how to assemble and connect the modem together

Raspberry-Pi-NimbeLink-Skywire-NL-SW-LTE-TC1NAG-Main-Antenna  Raspberry-Pi-NimbeLink-Skywire-NL-SW-LTE-TC1NAG-GPS-SIM



Next download and install both the below

The latest version of the modemstatus script from :

The Nimbelink udev rules and scripts from  :

With the udev rules installed the OS will now create shortcuts for easy access

Running modemstat will show the current network status of the modem

To perform an ad-hoc swtich of the modems carrier firmware (which must match the SIM installed) the firmware switch script can be run to change this, see example below

The modem's GPS receiver can also be enabled as the below script illustrates

This script allows the user to start-up to modems GPS functionality, including starting the automated NMEA feed on /dev/modemGPS. The GPS feed will take about 1-3mins to get a first fix and start reporting valid data.

Note you will need to attach an active GPS antenna to the GPS port on the SIM side of the modem module PCB

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