MyPi Integrator Board Chassis Ground Connection

With regards to the Integrator Board the following connections share a Chassis Ground net, which is seperate from the main 0V line.

  • 4 x M3.5 Mounting holes
  • LAN RJ45 Shield
  • USB Shield
  • COM RJ45 Shield

R64 position on the underside of the PCB provides an easy access point to either connect Chassis Ground directly to the main power supply DC IN 0V via a solder link, or fitting an 0805 size component.

The connection of R64 is dependent on the enclosure design and how the overall chassis ground is delt with at a system level.

If operating in a constrained EMI environment, and the system chassis grounding scheme permits, emissions levels can often be reduced by joining these two pads (i.e. connecting the board's Chassis Ground net to main DC IN 0V/Ground).


Chassis Ground Connection Point

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