MyPi Integrator Board System GPIO Usage

The below GPIO Lines are configured for the system functions below

GPIO0   - CAM1 I2C
GPIO1   - CAM1 I2C

GPIO20 - PSU Connector

GPIO21 - CAM1 Connector
GPIO5   - CAM1 Connector

GPIO22 - CAM0 Connector
GPIO4   - CAM0 Connector

GPIO28 - CAM0 I2C / HW WDOG IN   (Make LK3 For WDOG)
GPIO29 - CAM0 I2C / HW WDOG EN  (Make LK5 for WDOG)

GPIO28 - DSP1 Connector (Solder Side - Not fitted as standard)
GPIO29 - DSP1 Connector (Solder Side - Not fitted as standard)

GPIO34 - SD Card Interface Disable

GPIO35 - Status LED Red
GPIO36 - Status LED Green

GPIO39 - mPCIe Disable
GPIO23 - mPCIe Modem Emergency Reset (Fit LK12 to enable)

GPIO44 - LAN Disable

GPIO40 - Audio R
GPIO45 - Audio L

GPIO47 - Pi CM Activity LED

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