In this example we will walk through an example of how to configure and run a test of the BLE card, in addition to the BLE IO card and an aerial pig-tail cable + antenna you will also need an Android phone to load a Bluetooth BLE peripheral simulator.

We'll be broadly following the steps outlined in the BlueGiga BLE112 app note here :

Next we need to install the Python BLE112 scanning sample application and Python serial module :

# apt-get install python-serial
# wget
# chmod +x

Next using your Android phone navigate to the Google Play store via the app project home page below :

Once you have that installed and running the heart rate simulator you can run the below. Note that the app note uses the device in USB mode where as we have the system in serial mode so need to add command line settings for port and baud rates :

# ./ -p /dev/ttyS1 -b 57600

Raspberry Pi BLE Bluetooth BLE112E configuration step 2


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