Kernel Config For Marvel USB WiFi Adapters

USB WiFi Cards/Dongles based on Marvel chipsets are not compiled in with the Raspberry Pi kernel by default, in this case we have an automated script to compile the in-tree mwifiex usb drivers/modules for this chipset.

The script will automatically detect which kernel version is in use and download the applicable kernel source tree to compile, and install the mwifiex modules for.

Here's a quick run through of the steps needed

wget --no-check-certificate '' -O
chmod +x
./ --download-firmware

Here's the sequence in action :










Note that once the kernel module has been compiled and installed the temporary linux source zip and and uncompressed tree can be removed as this is no longer needed

Updating the kernel via rpi-update will cause the generated wifi module to be removed and will need recompiling via the above steps



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